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Disc springs
Disc Springs and Belleville Washers, black in color and made of steel, serve industrial needs. With round shapes and sizes ranging from M3 to M60, they provide reliable load support and tension control. Essential for heavy machinery and structural applications, they ensure precise performance and durability across industries.
Belleville Washer
Industrial washers, vital in various sizes and colors like phosphated or black, offer durability in round spring steel design. With thickness options from 1 mm to 10 mm, they provide resilience, ideal for machinery and construction. Serrated edges ensure secure fastening, promising reliability across industries.
Stainless Steel Screws
Stainless Steel Screws, vital in industry, offer resilience and corrosion resistance. With grades like 202, 204Cu, 304, and 316, they ensure reliability. Their round head shape secures fastening, ideal for machinery and marine use. Precision fabrication and a polished finish ensure durability in construction and electronics, upholding integrity and longevity.
Precision Machined Components
Precision Machined Components, utilized in industrial settings, feature CNC manufacturing with steel material. These silver components find application across mechanical, engineering, and automotive sectors, ensuring precise fit and functionality. With meticulous fabrication and finishing, they guarantee reliability and performance in diverse industrial applications, maintaining structural integrity and durability.
Paper Pin
Precision Machined Components, crafted from steel, come in packaging sizes of 25 units per pack, each weighing 25 grams. Versatile in usage for packaging and stationary purposes, they offer strength and reliability. With precise fabrication and finishing, they ensure consistent performance in various industries, maintaining durability and functionality.
Stainless Steel Round Bar
Stainless Steel Bars, shining silver, are crucial in construction. With a bar shape and grade 304, they offer durability and corrosion resistance. Ideal for structural support and reinforcement, they withstand harsh environments. Precision-fabricated and polished, they ensure longevity in various construction projects, guaranteeing structural integrity and reliability.
Spinning Can
Spinning Cans, categorized as Textile Machinery Spares, are vital components in spinning machines. Made of steel, they endure industrial usage, contributing to yarn production. Their sturdy construction ensures reliability in high-speed spinning operations. Precision-fabricated and finished, they serve the textile industry by facilitating efficient yarn production with durability and precision.

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